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  Outstanding compactive effort in thick layer compaction
  Hourly work volume is the greatest in its class due to its heavy operating weight and the highest amplitude. The SV900 enables compaction in layer thickness of 60 - 90 cm (2 -3 ft.) in each lift and efficiently achieves the required density.
  Wide variation of drum types
   Smooth drum or padfoot drum, with standard vibration mode (single eccentric type) or vertical vibration mode (twin eccentric type-V type) are options available to select from
Standard vibration models : SV900D (smooth drum), SV900T (padfoot drum)
*Single eccentric in a drum, conventional type
Vertical vibration models (V type) : SV900DV (smooth drum), SV900TV (padfoot drum)
*Two(2) eccentrics in a drum only generate vibration force in the vertical direction and forces in all othe directions are cancelled out (eliminated). Thus, it is more effective for thick layer compaction.
  High Safety Standard
The SV900's are equipped with three brake systems ;
  (1) Hydrostatic dynamic brake is applied when forward-reverse lever is in neutral
  (2) Parking brake engaged by push switch on dash
  (3) Emergency brake pedal (exclusive feature of SAKAI rollers)
  (4) Emergency brake is automatically applied if engine or hydraulic failure occurs
Ecellent all-around visibility, complies with European visibility criteria of 1m × 1m (one by one)
  Excellent serviceability
Engine hood fully opens for easy access to engine and hydraulic components.
Heavy duty center pin mechanism prolongs lubrication interval to 250 hours.
Vibrator bearings are fully lubricated.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
MODEL Padfoot drum type
SV900T SV900TV
Operating weight 19,200 kgf (42,330 lbs) 19,700 kgf (43,430 lbs)
  Load on front 11,350 kgf (25,020 lbs) 11,850 kgf (26,120 lbs)
  Load on rear 7,850 kgf (17,310 lbs) 7,850 kgf (17,310 lbs)
 Overall length 6,250 mm (246")
 Overall width 2,530 mm (100")
 Overall height with ROPS 3,015 mm (119")
 Wheelbase 3,130 mm (123")
 Compaction width 2,150 mm (85")
 Ground clearance 475 mm (18.7")
 Curb clearance 500 mm (19.7")
SPEEDS   (Low / High) 0 - 4 km/h (0 - 2.5 mph) / 0 - 10 km/h (0 - 6.2 mph)
 At low amplitude 0.90mm (0.035") 1.70 mm (0.067")
  Frequency 35 Hz (2,100 vpm) 28 Hz (1,700vpm)
  Max.Centrifugal force 245kN(55,115lbs)25,000kgf 343kN(77,160lbs)35,000kgf
 At high amplitude 1.80 mm (0.071") 2.20 mm (0.087")
  Frequency 28 Hz (1,700 vpm) 23 Hz (1,400 vpm)
  Max.Centrifugal force 343kN(77,160lbs)35,000kgf 343kN(77,160lbs)35,000kgf
Model ISUZU "BB-6BG1T" Diesel Engine
(with turbocharger)*1
Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, 6-cylinder in-line,vertical mounted, overhead valve, direct injection type
Piston displacement 6,494 L (396 cu,in)
Rated output 126 kW (165HP) 171PS / 2,200 rpm
Battery 12V 100Ah × 2 pcs. (24V system)
Transmission Hydrostatic transmission
Differential Auto lock type
Final drive Planetary gears
Transmission Hydrostatic type
Vibrator Eccentric shaft type
Service brake Hydrostatic and mechanical type
Parking brake Mechanical, internal expanding type
and multi-wet disc type (SAHR)
STEERING SYSTEM Hydraulic type (Articulated type)
  Front : roll Vibrate & Drive
  Rear : tire Drive
  No. of tires 2 pcs.
   Roll dimentions
  Front roll
:width × dia.
2,150 mm × 1,730 mm (85" × 68")
  Number of pads 140 pcs.
  Pad height 115 mm (4.5")
  Pad area 150 cm² (23
   Tire size 23.5 - 25 - 16PR (OR)
   Suspension system  
  Front : roll Rubber damper type
  Rear : tires Rigid
Fuel tank 360 L (95 gal)
Hydraulic oil tank 72 L (19 gal)
*1…The engine complies current EPA/Carb emission standards.

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